Friday, 29 July 2016

[Comic Review] - PREY - (Batman : Legends of the Dark Knight - #11 - #15)

Batman : Legends of the Dark Knight - PREY (11 - 15)

The 80s was a time when comics became the thing that children always imagined them to be, serious. To give you an idea of the creative power behind comics at this time think about how Watchmen, Maus and the Dark Knight Returns all got released in the same year of 1986. Soon those landmark comics would be followed by a world wild fever of ravenous fans, cultivated after the '89 Tim Burton film; Batman. Fans of all ages, primed and focused on comics as adult fiction. Comics with adult themes. Before the interconnectivity of the internet the Batman film finally united the progressive English and European scenes that had been boiling away since the '70s into the mainstream Superhero comics of America. Love or hate Tim Burton, but he globalised comics and anomalies like The Dark Knight Returns became the templates for what people expected a superhero comic to be, guiding the direction of DC in a way that is still felt to this very day.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

[Comic Review] - Power Girl - Power Trip Trade (JSA Classified #1-4 / Power Girl v2 #1-12)

Power Girl - Power Trip

Power Girl is not the kind of comic I usually read. I tend to gravitate to the darker side of comics. Things that are more serious with strong story driven focuses (my favourite) or, and lets be honest here an adolescent hyper violent genre book full of gore, sarcasm and subversiveness. These are the kind of things I usually read. It has come to my attention that maybe I'm missing out on a side of comics which I have basically written off as not worth my time. I think it was "I Hate Fairyland" that really showed me that I could enjoy a different kind of comic. The stupid comics. Comics that are just lighthearted fun, some action, some jokes, some pretty colours.... you know, entertaining and fun. The Power Girl Vol 2 run is one such comic. This is not a comic to be taken seriously, but is it a comic that I can enjoy?

[Comic Review] - Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come is a limited ElseWorld series form DC that contains ideas that many comics where exploring in the late 80s and 90s. Namely the question of what kind of people superheroes would in fact be if they existed. What pressures were they under, and how would a real person react to them in those situations.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

[Comic Review] - False Faces (Trade)

False Faces (Trade) by Brian K. Vaughan

In my mind Brian K. Vaughan is one of the great modern comic writers working today. With titles like Saga, Y The Last Man, Ex Machina and even Buffy the Vampire Season 8 above his name there is little doubt that this man is producing some of the highest quality work in the industry. What seams to set him apart form other "top writers" appears to be a willingness to embrace the ridiculous side of comics. In a age where there is more and more of a push into hyper-realism BKV was at the front of the wave crashing backwards into a lighter, more fun style that seams almost an nostalgic throw back to the comics of old and I see him as one of the trail blazers that lead to ideas like the DC Rebirth.