Tuesday, 30 August 2016

[Comic Review] - Daredevil vs Punisher : Means and Ends

Daredevil vs Punisher : Means and Ends

Daredevil is, imo, one of Marvels greatest heroes. There is a edge to him that stands out form the normal saccharin Marvel style which greatly appeals to me. I know that he was an original creation but as Miller took over in the late 70s he slowly became a Batman clone, which is a good thing; and besides Batman has enough juice to share around. Daredevil unlike many of the bat-a-likes is an distinguished and separate entity, one that is steeped in his own lore and personality to the point that all which remains to link him to Batman is a similarity in style and setting. Yet this link could be the core of why I love him so much. For me he is one of Marvels most "perfect" comic book characters.

Friday, 12 August 2016

[Film Review] - DCMU 3: Suicide Squad (Spoiler Free)

The third instalment of the DC Movie Universe, Suicide Squad comes to us from yet another relatively new talented director / writer. This seams to be a trend in Hollywood at the moment. Instead of having big name artists behind the biggest films to the year, Hollywood seams to instead be hiring budding new talent who are on the rise after some impressive, if only a smattering, of lower profile movies.