Thursday, 15 September 2016

[Comic Review] Superman : Dark Knight over Metropolis

Superman #44, Adventures of Superman #466-467, Action Comics #653-654, + Annual #1

Many people look back at the 90s as a dark time for comics and super hero comics in general. There are some infamous story lines as well as some truly absurd costume designs that are the subject of ridicule to this day. Yet for me the 90s remains a fascinating time for superhero comics and one that I personally believe to be, in its own way one of the best periods in comics.

Friday, 2 September 2016

[Comic Review] - The Tale of the God Butcher (Thor : God of Thunder 1 - 11)

The Tale of the God Butcher (Thor : God of Thunder 1 - 11)

Those that know me will not be surprised to hear I have certain leanings towards DC, as far as traditional superhero comics go. I personally do not subscribe to the nerd war that is Marvel vs DC. I read and enjoy both, because for me the only thing that counts is how good the individual comic is. Still I wanted to make an effort to read some more Marvel for a change as Rebirth has basically overtaken my entire comic intake at the moment and I am far less familiar with Marvel as a whole.